Proper energy efficiency saves real money

EU energy saving laws force industry to implement energy saving measures. This is often considered a tedious duty and usually only the most necessary is done. This is unfortunate, as this inhibits many opportunities at improving competitive ability.

It all depends on the proper approach

Real energy-saving potential lies in the analysis and optimization of production processes and not in the exchange of individual motors or lamps. This requires specialists with expansive technical knowledge and the ability to transform this knowledge into the right solutions.

For this we are the right partner

– Our clients are from all industrial branches
– We have university educations as process engineers
– We regularly install innovative technologies into new process combinations
– Integrating our client’s know-how into the problem solving process is our top priority

Get everything from an industry professional

Making WASTED ENERGY available as heat

Many processes waste energy, in part because they are very complex.

Increasing this potential

– Optimization of heat networks and users
– Integration of exhaust fumes recovery
– New process combinations
– Making use of low temperatures
– Re-integration of heat flows into the process
– Increasing heat for utilization


Example: 35% more “free” energy via clever process combinations

Making WASTED ENERGY available as electricity

Many processes waste energy as they cannot utilize it. This residual heat can provide electricity.

Typical methods

– Exhaust ORC processes
– Exhaust steam processes
– Hot water ORC

We would be happy to advise you on your options!


In us you have a partner with many years of experience in the processing industry, as well as someone with a good understanding and analytical ability of complex processes. We stand for innovative technological approaches with substantial cost-saving benefits.

Complete or optimize energy and water circuits. We offer thermodynamic analyses and variation studies to optimize energy networks (recirculation optimization, etc.)

We look forward to a challenge!

Energy & medium supply

So energy gets to where it is needed.

– Planning of district and local heating networks
– Planning of heat distribution and pressure boosting stations
– Conversion, extension and optimization of existing networks
– Overarching planning of industrial plant’s supply or mediums
– Professional advertising and construction supervision of the measures

We plan the following distribution systems

– Warm water / hot water
– Steam
– Thermal oil
– Compressed air
– Cooling lines
– Drainage and exhaust gas disposal
– Warm- / hot-water steam