When independent know-how is required

Facility optimisation

Based on our extensive database and the experience we have gathered in projects, we analyse existing facilities and then provide specific suggestions for improvement.

Facility evaluation

We judge exiting facilities based on their technological condition and their current market value. Beyond that, we are able to make estimates about necessary repair and renovation measures.


Based on our longstanding understanding of the entire biomass sector (from raw material supply to facility technology to facility service) we are able to provide useful input on restructuring matters.

Approval procedures

Approval procedures are becoming harder and harder. We can manage the entire procedure for you, including the integration of assessors and public authorities.

Know-how transfer

We would be happy to share our expansive know-how with you. To this end, we can lend support as external consultants in your undertaking, or we can realize joint development projects as a team.


If so required, we can provide management capabilities in energy and wood industry during transitional or critical periods.

Explosion safety

The EU dictates explosion safety measures in many areas of many industrial sectors. We can come up and help our clients implement useful explosion safety concepts.