Raw material supply

The correct RAW MATERIAL is essential for each successful PROJECT

– Many projects fail because raw material supplies are not secured
– Cost-effective biomass purchase requires many years of insider experience
– Biomass harvest, storage and transport are a complex matter at an industrial scale
– Quality- and quantity potentials are oftern hard to predict
– Biomass pricing is fixed regionally and not at the stock exchange

This is why we offer competent guidance from specialists.

Wood biomass

ESNEC, a specialist in …

RAW MATERIALS analysis for new and existing plants

Analysis status of raw materials supply:

– raw material usage
– supply sources
– logistics
– pricing structure

ANALYSIS improvement & alternatives for:

– log wood and industrial wood
– Saw byproducts (bark, woodchips, sawdust)
– Old wood
– 360 degree evaluation across country boarders
– Development of innovative & cost-cutting logistics concepts
– Supplier & source ranking
– Action plan

Agro biomass

The growing demand for biomass for the production of renewable energy has led to scarcity in the availablity of fuel in some regions. It is for this reason, that alternative energy sources play a very important role in these processes.
Farming, especially medium-sized and large-sized operations in Eastern and Southern Europe, can play an important role in this. Innovative technologies and their harvesting-, logistics- and storage-concepts can turn many of the discarded waste products (e.g. straw, corn cop, short-rotation wood, chicken manure) into useful energy.
In us, you have a specialist with many years of experience!