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Why a Greek GOD?

Hephaestus is the Greek god of fire and our office’s titular Saint because he signifies many things, which we want to advocate.

HEPHAESTUS is the god of FIRE and our technologies also use the archaic medium in the most modern way to create energy. Additionally we are fascinated by fire’s dynamic and the benefits of taming it.

HEPHAESTUS, a blacksmith, is the only one of the 12 Olympic gods who works. As such, his skill and creativity were widely appreciated. In a similar fashion we don’t wish to perform our work in the theoretical realm of the ivory tower, but rather, we wish to perform or work in a “hands-on” manner with a clear goal in mind. Just as this god’s creations, we want our creations to impress with their form and functionality.

HEPHAESTUS was not very good-looking, and was consequently exiled from Olympus by his mother. He only secured a place there again because of his skill, which secured his renown amongst the gods. In a similar fashion we also hope to achieve renown because of our skill and creations, and not because of clever marketing.

HEPHAESTUS always relied on his strong TEAM whilst creating his pieces. Part of that team were Bia (=force) and Kratos (=victory). We also consider a strong team (internally and with the client) to be an integral part of the success of a project. Additionally, the realization of our projects require much Bia and Kratos, which we hope not to run out of.

Experience & References

International PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE for many years

– Industrial / communal energy production from biomass
– Energy optimization of industrial processes
– Execution planning with the newest 3D-tools
– Biofuel and wood processing consulting
– Development of procedural facilities
– Planning of saw mills and wood processing facilities
– Planning of pelletizing, briquetting and wood drying facilities
– Raw material concepts and supply planning

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